YouthASD training programme for youth workers

Youth with Autism Spectrum Disorder are often excluded from specific activities or events because the environment is not welcoming or adapted to their needs. Additionally, there are no holistic approaches and courses for youth workers who wish to include young people with ASD in their activities.

For that reason, YouthASD has developed a training program for youth workers with advice and tips on making the environment more inclusive and safer for youth with ASD. The training addresses the need for specialised knowledge and further professional development. 

Through the training, the youth workers will be more capable of implementing ASD- inclusive activities. Additionally, we will raise awareness among youth workers on the challenges ASD individuals face and provide the opportunity for specialised youth workers for more job openings and further professional development. 

The topics of the training are the following: 

  • Introduction about ASD and communication with youth with ASD
  • Understanding Cognitive and social development in Youth with ASD
  • Description of the youth needs
  • Creating a safe and inclusive environment
  • Communicating with the parents and managers in youth organisations

During the summer of 2023, a pilot training will be implemented in each participating country to gather feedback and finalise the training. If you are interested in participating, contact the organisation implementing the project in your organisation and learn more!